Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Sail City - Win Phone 7

I've been working on a website in my spare time that tracks sailing trips and lets you share them with your friends. The site uses the new HTML5 GeoLocation API's for tracking a user's movements on the water and then giving a grade to the trip once they are done. Trip scores are based on time, distance and the weather conditions during their trip. Eventually, you get enough points to grow through the ranks.

I've also been looking into the new Win Phone 7 resources and wanted to make a proof of concept out of the website. Here is the result, a quick demo of a Win Phone 7 app that uses MVC 2 as it's service layer. I created a new "Area" (a new feature in .Net MVC 2) called API that exposed most of my necessary data as JSON based REST-like services. I'll try to post something with more technical detail later.

Now Playing: Styx - Sail Away (come on, that's like... mandatory song attribution...)