Friday, February 20, 2009

Subway Rumble - Part 3

I see this all coming in slow motion from the time he hocks the loogey and all I can think about is a straight up Yellow-Belt level straight kick to the chest, but then I remember I didn’t really ever get the Yellow-Belt so I slowly back away towards the back of the train while Butterbean starts the bull rush. I luck out and he trips over himself on some stairs and is faced down right in front of me with the other two guys behind.

At this point we are going on like a good 10 minutes of ruckus with this Butterbean behemoth and something in me snapped. I’m tired of trying to just keep this guy from hurting me and I’m ready to knock this dude out. I throw a kick that lands my lower shin to his forehead and the top of my foot slaps the side of his head, I follow up with a right hook somewhere about the face area. By this time the other two guys have come up and are a little surprised, everyone kinda is like “okay, okay, just hold him down, easy there…”

Look, I probably shouldn’t have hit the guy, but the cops weren’t there and I had already subdued the guy like 3 times, it was time to step up the alert level a little. A little bit after that the cops showed up and took him off the train. He got arrested for PI probably, but they asked if we wanted to press charges and we said no. When we were getting questioned by the cops they asked for our ID’s and I still have my Kentucky Drivers License, when I handed him my license I said “It’s my second week in the big city”. He laughed and said, “Aw $&*!, you’re from Kentucky, I’m amazed you didn’t have him strung up and skinned in here”.

So anyway, that was pretty exciting.

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