Thursday, October 6, 2011

Programmer Values

Tonight I've been thinking a lot about my career.  Every now and then I like to get back to "First Principles" and re-evaluate my core values.

To that end, here is what I think I value as a software developer.

1.  A consistent working location.
  - Part of a community that I can contribute to

2.  Solving interesting problems that help people be more productive and prosperous.
  - Challenging work
  - Not micro-managed
  - Do no evil

3.  Working with people who I can learn from and hang out with
  - Continuous learning

4.  Sharing my knowledge with other people.
  - Presentations, discussions
  - Grow your people
  - New business from new ideas

All this is sprinkled with most of the stuff you see in the RSA Animate - Drive video:

That's it for now, maybe some future me will look back at this and re-evaluate.  Next time I'll talk about my career as a consultant and how that meshes with these values.

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