Saturday, July 16, 2011

MVC 3 jQuery Mobile Site Template

I spent most of the night creating a basic jQuery Mobile Site Template for .Net MVC 3 Razor sites.

The source for this project can be found over at the MVC 3 jQuery Mobile Site Template project on GitHub.

Nothing much to say really about the template.  It's very similar to my previous MotherEffin HTML5 Template but I kept it a little bit more bare bones this time.

Most people will want to check out the jQuery Mobile site and Demo / Documentation before the template will be that useful.


  1. I'm checking out both the MotherEffin and jQuery Mobile templates and they are quite good - excellent work! Can you give a bit more detail into the differences between the two? If you were starting a brand new HTML 5 mobile app project today, which would you choose and why? Thanks!



  2. If you were starting a strictly mobile app today, I would have to go with the jQuery Mobile Site template (and read up on the demo / documentation site).

    But, if your site is primarily not intended for a mobile device, I would go with the HTML5 Site template and add some media queries (eg. to make your site look better on a smaller device.

  3. Great plugin, but how do you change the styles?

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