Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gist4u2 - NuGet Console Utilities for Gists

Not many people know this, but I'm actually a powershell ninja from waaayyyy back 


(that's me in the scoring list, third from the top)

So when I first started playing around with the NuGet Package Manager Console I was quite impressed with the opportunities it presented.

Flash forward to today and I'm preparing for a presentation in an upcoming Chicago Hackatopia Win Phone 7 event where I find myself storing a lot of my code snippets for my presentation in Gists.  That's when I got the idea for Gist4u2; a handy way to insert gists into your code.  

So far, it's been pretty useful for my demonstrations.  Here is a quick example of how I use it.  Let's say I'm starting a new Windows Phone 7 project and I want to add some basic MVVM fundamental code like a ViewModelBase and Commanding classes (DelegateCommand, EventToCommand behavior).

Start a new Win Phone 7 Project, Open the Package Manager Console from the Tools -> Library Package Manager Menu (if you don't have it, Install NuGet through the extension manager)


Next, install the Gist4u2 package to add the helper commands into the Console


Notice the last Gist there, the 883810, that's what I want.  So I create a new file (hopefully in the future I can create them for you in the project) called MVVMCommon and type Gist-Insert '883810' to insert the contents of my MVVMCommon Gist.


Bam!  That's it.  Now we have a ViewModelBase and DelegateCommand ready to use in our Windows Phone 7 project.  Now my presentation is going to be much quicker.

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