Monday, July 26, 2010

Updated Win Phone 7 Busy Service That Does Not Change RootVisual

Evidently, you are not supposed to change the RootVisual in a Win Phone 7 application.  There was a forum post posed by Matt Hidinger and answered by Peter Torr about Changing the RootVisual that indicates this might cause problems during the approval process.

As a result, I've updated my sample to not require wrapping the root level PhoneApplicationFrame with a Grid.  It turns out, most pages already have a Grid as their LayoutRoot element and you can just pass this in to a new RootPaneBusyService and use it in the same manner.  So instead of passing the App.Current.RootVisual as Grid, we pass the LayoutRoot.

protected override void OnNavigatedTo( System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationEventArgs e)
            var busyServ = new RootPanelBusyService(this.LayoutRoot);
            this.DataContext = new MainPageVM(busyServ);            

I've also updated the CreateBusyElement method to detect how many rows and columns are in the passed in root visual and set the ColumnSpan and RowSpan accordingly.

// Set the row and column span's if the root is a grid.
            if (rootVisual is Grid)
                var gridRoot = rootVisual as Grid;

                int rowSpan = 1;
                if (gridRoot.RowDefinitions != null)
                    rowSpan = gridRoot.RowDefinitions.Count + 1;
                int columnSpan = 1;
                if (gridRoot.ColumnDefinitions != null)
                    columnSpan = gridRoot.ColumnDefinitions.Count + 1;

                Grid.SetRowSpan(root, rowSpan);
                Grid.SetColumnSpan(root, columnSpan);

Download the updated sample

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